Due to illness, I am not taking any projects and/or engagements until further notice. Thank you for understanding.


I am an (in)fertility warrior (6x IVF/ICSI with 1x PGD and 2x FET, Gravida 5 Para 2), OB/GYN and L&D medical assistant, lactation counselor (with more than 5 years experience of breastfeeding my own children), former birth doula, birth trauma survivor (cardiac arrest postpartum day 1), PTSD and anxiety expert. I hold a baccalaureate degree in management (B.Sc.) from University of Maryland Global Campus. I’ve been a (now retired) military spouse (Special Forces) for 20+ years.

I can talk and write about the following subjects, but am always happy to research and learn about new projects (in no particular order):

  • healthcare
  • perinatal & pregnancy
  • childbirth (labor and delivery)
  • neonatal & lactation (breastfeeding and weaning)
  • (in)fertility
  • holistic approach
  • midwifery
  • OB/GYN
  • embryology
  • and more

You can find examples of my writing on my blog and here.

Beta-reading, proofreading, and copy editing a document are usually the last steps before publishing. I have a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies and a passion for technical writing, health sciences, and an eye for grammar.

Beta-reading/Proofreading a hardcopy is standard, but I will proofread a digital copy as well. I will look for matching font, page breaks and overall flow. I will make suggestions along the way if it is desired.

Editing a document requires just one more step than just beta-reading/proofreading as it is required to understand the topic and important not to change the writer’s voice, but make the work stand out. Editing includes, but isn’t limited to: grammar, spelling, tone, sentence structure, style guide, transitions, word choice, headers, sub-headers, and more. I will use track changes in MS Word, so you will know exactly what has been changed and why.

Social Media Support requires familiarity with social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I’ve taken extensive notes a.k.a. live-tweeted during online healthcare webinars for many years now. I have an eye for detail and know which hashtags will bring exposure and traffic to your page.

Hosting a webinar requires attention to detail and wit. Not only is professional communication a must, introducing the speaker and making sure the presentation flows well can’t be overlooked.

Translations of written material like web or print announcements, scientific research, books, blogs, letters, brochures and more are billed by word. I am bilingual in German and English and translate content upon request. Express service and urgent translations is available if I have time.

Machine translation editing is a must! Although today’s online tools are often remarkable a machine can not convey tone and doesn’t know if the written material is for a specific audience. Send me your machine translations and I will edit them for you.

You can find an example of content translation here.

Note: I use WordFastPro5 for my translation work. It comes with a translation memory (TM), so if you continue working with me the translations will often automatically populate making the turnaround time much faster. I always estimate translation prices by source document.

Lactation Counseling. More HERE.

Disclaimer: I am not qualified to act as a notarized translator in court. I reserve the right to offer special prices, offers and discounts to repeat customers only. All prices are in US Dollars and are subject to change without further notice. Final price is determined upon completion of project.

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