Brick Builders Book Review |

Brick Builders Book Review Upon opening the box a familiar smell of newly printed paper greeted me. I took out my copies of the Brick Builder Illustrated Bible and noticed at once that the illustrator Antony Evans loves his work. Before I could marvel anymore or open the cover my five-year old son grabbed this colorful book with … More Brick Builders Book Review |

The reality of bicoastal parenting |

If your marriage sucks, your partner is an asshole, lied to you, cheated on you, and you hate your life together, getting a divorce is going to be the easy part especially if there are kids involved. Add in that one or both of you serve in the military (overseas or in another state) and … More The reality of bicoastal parenting |

The boyfriend you should introduce at home |

You showered and dolled up on a warm Sunday afternoon in August. I knew that you were going out to meet someone. It was obvious. But I didn’t ask any questions, because asking questions is interpreted as snooping. I don’t want to snoop. I want you to tell me these things because you want to … More The boyfriend you should introduce at home |