Fresh Start Bible Review |

We all need guidance while navigating our life. Maybe you look to your parents or friends for assistance. Perhaps you’re meeting with a group? Possibly your heart desires an answer from above? No matter where you are on your life’s journey, whatever it is your seeking, know counseling comes in various acceptable forms.  The Fresh … More Fresh Start Bible Review |

Mother’s Day & Depression |

Mother’s Day can be challenging for many reasons. Some are sad because they cannot be with their children because of divorce, deployment, absence or death. Some are grieving the loss of their child or mother. Some are angry or sad because they cannot have a child because of infertility. Some are depressed because their sadness … More Mother’s Day & Depression |

Brick Builders Book Review |

Brick Builders Book Review Upon opening the box a familiar smell of newly printed paper greeted me. I took out my copies of the Brick Builder Illustrated Bible and noticed at once that the illustrator Antony Evans loves his work. Before I could marvel anymore or open the cover my five-year old son grabbed this colorful book with … More Brick Builders Book Review |

27 small things — because it’s always the small things |

Sister, today is your wedding day ten years in the making. Take my words with a grain of salt, but know they come from a seasoned wife for a working marriage you won’t need much, but pick a few of these and you will be off to a good start. Making coffee or the beverage of … More 27 small things — because it’s always the small things |