Fresh Start Bible Review |

We all need guidance while navigating our life. Maybe you look to your parents or friends for assistance. Perhaps you’re meeting with a group? Possibly your heart desires an answer from above? No matter where you are on your life’s journey, whatever it is your seeking, know counseling comes in various acceptable forms.  The Fresh … More Fresh Start Bible Review |

Nobody is perfect or why step-mothering isn’t my favorite |

Loving children when they’re small is quite easy. You see, they’re tiny and look at you with their puppy dog eyes. They’re helpless creatures that need to be taken care of. I love kids and have always loved taking care of them. I was 21 when I was tasked with a custody battle, I had … More Nobody is perfect or why step-mothering isn’t my favorite |

IVF expert advice for free |

Hello friends, Not every couple can conceive a baby the fun way. Some of us have to enlist the help of fertility experts from several specialties such as reproductive endocrinology, embryology, andrology, biologists, and even geneticists. It is overwhelming running from one appointment to the next trying to find answers to your questions. Aside from … More IVF expert advice for free |

Infertility stole the joy of motherhood |

“I’m going to be a mother” was something I avoided saying out loud. Sometimes I dared to think it, but struggling with infertility left me not wanting to jinx anything. Subconsciously my mind took hold of my thoughts since somehow, my body rendered me infertile. Thirteen years I focused on getting pregnant, and when the … More Infertility stole the joy of motherhood |

Mother’s Day & Depression |

Mother’s Day can be challenging for many reasons. Some are sad because they cannot be with their children because of divorce, deployment, absence or death. Some are grieving the loss of their child or mother. Some are angry or sad because they cannot have a child because of infertility. Some are depressed because their sadness … More Mother’s Day & Depression |