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A word about Plagiarism

When writing I pledge that my words are my own. I do not steal or use another publication as my own. If I use someone else’s words, I will credit where credit is due. If you notice that a tag isn’t working or you haven’t been properly tagged, please use the contact form and send me a note. I will gladly rectify the situation and hope you would do the same for me.

Here are examples of my work or projects I have worked on —  in no particular order:

Bumps to Baby (2017-present)

Postpartum Advocacy Series

Be O.K.

Her View From Home (2016-present)

Infertility Stole the Joy of Motherhood

Why I Hid My Postpartum Anxiety

Daughter, I’ve Given You My All, Now It’s Time For You To Fly

I’ll Love You Even When You Leave

I’m Not the Woman I Was Before My Miscarriages

My Body Tells a Story

Reasons to Marry a Dad

I Wanted a Baby More than Anything

Thank You For My Daughter

Breast is Best Until Mama is Done!

The Evil Stepmother: Myth or Truth?

To The Brave Men of the Green Beret

Just Give Me Some Pizza

To The Stranger Annoyed By My Son: Age Three is Wonderful

I Chose To Become Her Mother

Leaving A Trail

Why wait?

We still mourn

American Pregnancy Association Blog (2017)

Bonding with your baby: making the most of the first 6 weeks

Huffington Post Deutschland (German) (2016-2017)

Der Albtraum eines Au-Pair aus Stuttgart

Nicht ohne meine Hebamme

Babble (2017)

Could This Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Actually Increase Your Breast Milk Supply?

Egg Donation Friends (2017)

IVF Journey – How to deal with IVF roller coaster

Take care of your relationship when TTC

Egg Donation Friends IVF Webinar Hosting (German, 2019-present)

Dr. Libor Hradecky, IVF Zentrum Prof. Zech, Plzen: IVF Behandlung für die Frau über 40 #IVFWEBINARS

Dr. Tomas Frgala, UNICA Clinic, Brno: Erfolglose IVF und was kommt als nächstes #IVFWEBINARS

Dr. Katharina Spies, Procreatec/IVF Spain, Madrid: Erfolglose IVF Behandlung mit Spendereizellen: Embryoqualität, Einnistungsprobleme #IVFWEBINARS

Dr. Hana Visnova, IVF Cube, Prague: Frische oder gefrorene Eizellen? #IVFWEBINARS

Dr. Katharina Spies, Procreatec, Madrid, Spain: IVF und Fehlgeburten – Ursachen und Möglichkeiten #IVFWEBINARS

Encourage Your Spouse (2017)

Infertility – A Walk with Love and Faith

GOLD Online Learning (2016-present)

Social Media Team for all online conferences (2016-2020)

BlogAbout Network

Pre-release review: Loved Baby by Sarah Philpott

Pre-release review: Brick Builders Illustrated Bible

Pre-release review and book launch: Our Mended Hearts by Blythe Daniel and Dr. Helen McIntosh

Pre-release review: Fresh Start Bible

Pre-release review: Your Child’s Inner Drive by Wendy Gossett

Carmen Jover Martinez (Author) (2019)

Eine Seele wird geboren, eine Adoptionsgeschichte (Soul’s Time To Be Born, an adoption story, available February 2020) 

Church Publishing Inc.

Pre-release review and book launch: Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost by Traci Rhoades