Publications & Projects

I am known to advocate and talk about infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation counseling, blended family, and life as a fiercely independent (now retired) military dependent and spouse. I am an expert in the fields mentioned above and look forward to any collaboration you may want to offer.

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A word about Plagiarism

When writing I pledge that my words are my own. I do not steal or use another publication as my own. If I use someone else’s words, I will credit where credit is due. If you notice that a tag isn’t working or you haven’t been properly tagged, please use the contact form and send me a note. I will gladly rectify the situation and hope you would do the same for me.

Here are a few examples of my work or projects I have worked on —  in no particular order:

Bumps to Baby

Postpartum Advocacy Series

Be O.K.

Her View From Home

Infertility Stole the Joy of Motherhood

Why I Hid My Postpartum Anxiety

Daughter, I’ve Given You My All, Now It’s Time For You To Fly

I’ll Love You Even When You Leave

I’m Not the Woman I Was Before My Miscarriages

My Body Tells a Story

Reasons to Marry a Dad

I Wanted a Baby More than Anything

Thank You For My Daughter

Breast is Best Until Mama is Done!

The Evil Stepmother: Myth or Truth?

To The Brave Men of the Green Beret

Just Give Me Some Pizza

To The Stranger Annoyed By My Son: Age Three is Wonderful

I Chose To Become Her Mother

Leaving A Trail

Why wait?

We still mourn

American Pregnancy Association Blog

Bonding with your baby: making the most of the first 6 weeks

Huffington Post Deutschland (German)

Der Albtraum eines Au-Pair aus Stuttgart

Nicht ohne meine Hebamme


Could This Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Actually Increase Your Breast Milk Supply?

Egg Donation Friends

IVF Journey – How to deal with IVF roller coaster

Take care of your relationship when TTC

Egg Donation Friends IVF Webinar Hosting (German)

Dr. Libor Hradecky, IVF Zentrum Prof. Zech, Plzen: IVF Behandlung für die Frau über 40 #IVFWEBINARS

Dr. Tomas Frgala, UNICA Clinic, Brno: Erfolglose IVF und was kommt als nächstes #IVFWEBINARS

Dr. Katharina Spies, Procreatec/IVF Spain, Madrid: Erfolglose IVF Behandlung mit Spendereizellen: Embryoqualität, Einnistungsprobleme #IVFWEBINARS

Dr. Hana Visnova, IVF Cube, Prague: Frische oder gefrorene Eizellen? #IVFWEBINARS

Encourage Your Spouse

Infertility – A Walk with Love and Faith

Carmen Jover Martinez (Author)

Eine Seele wird geboren, eine Adoptionsgeschichte (Soul’s Time To Be Born, an adoption story, available February 2020)